Best ways to get leads for packer and movers

By AskNavigator

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Last Updated on 01 January 2022       5 min read

We have been working with 300+ moving firms after gaining so much experience in this industry, we’ve come up with the conclusion that the most successful firms have strong skills in these three fields: finding leads, advertising their service, and offering excellent service. If they fail in any one of these it prevents packers and movers from achieving success.

In this post, we’ll focus on the best ways to acquire leads for your packers and movers business and the various ways that you can create leads to help make your firm thriving and successful. When you are trying to generate leads, the First thing you have to keep in mind is that there’s no single place where you can get leads from. It is important to try different ways and make yourself available everywhere so you can reach your maximum customers.

The most essential aspects of having a profitable moving business is regular supply of leads so, Here are some methods to generate leads for your company:

Top 5 Best ways to get leads

01 Buy Leads from Leads Provider Company

Buying leads from leads providers can be an effective and easiest way to gain more customers. Most of the time, moving leads are distributed to a variety of moving companies , and you’re trying to compete with them for their business. This is especially challenging when the buyer is priced-driven.

Some companies have been successful with moving leads. However, some haven’t. This could depend on from which company are buying leads. If you are in need of business, take a trying to purchase moving leads from leading suppliers who distribute leads to less moving companies so, it will be easy for you to compete because of less competition.

AskNavigator is One of the best lead provider for packer movers, Where You can buy lead at very cost-effective rates. It is very simple to get leads from AskNavigator, just register your packers and movers’ business and select a type of leads you want. One of our executives will get in touch and verify your business. Once the business is verified we will send you leads according to your package. We have a PAN India presence and get a chance to get the leads from which every location you choose for.

Types of Leads you can get from Us: Line Leads, Local Leads, Partload Leads,
Vehicle Moving like car, bike, scooter etc, and other types of leads.


Benefits of buying Leads from AskNavigator:


  1. Daily Quality Leads
  2. Direct calls from customers at no extra cost
  3. Less competition
  4. Instant Notification or leads reminder on Call, WhatsApp, SMS.
  5. Returnable Invalid Leads
  6. Lead With More Details
  7. No Minimum Contract
  8. Low Cost Pay as Go Plans

02 List your business on Google My Business

Google my business is the best way to get customers locally with a quick process. It’s also called local SEO, which means that your company is listed on the local map section of Google. when you are listed on google my business at the very top of certain search results, consumers can directly call your company. Being on this page is another excellent location to find the leads to your business.

Local SEO results appear more prominently than organic results and attract more attention for specific searches than organic results. Additionally, it has a contact button, The results typically get greater clicks when using mobile.

03 Your Company's Website

If you have your company’s website that’s great but if you have not yet than you are losing your potential customers. In today’s internet world everyone search services online so why not go there and get those customers. Website can be your 24*7 sales person it tells customer about your company and build trust it also helps to build your branding.

You’ll be surprised with the number of direct leads you get in the long-term from people who’ve seen your trucks, your work process, your uniformed employees, stumbled across your facebook page, or see your email etc.

Your website build trust on customers which also help consumers to make a decision on which moving company to contact.

04 Google Ads

Google Ads is a great method to generate leads for moving company. These are the advertisements displayed above organic results in search results, which are clearly identified as “ad”. The advantage of the cost of this type of traffic in search is the ability to focus on specific terms that people are using to search. By doing this, you can appear when someone is looking for packing and moving services.


The thing to remember about google ad is that the success of the campaign depends heavily on your website’s ability to convert a click into leads. This is dependent on the flexibility of your website’s design and ability to monitor and test specific campaigns. The more you monitor as well as test your ads campaigns, the better you will be able to drive costs per click down or get more leads with profit.


05 Do your Website's SEO

SEO is another source of generating leads for moving companies. SEO is the process of enhancing the website of your moving company to be visible in organic results of Google when someone is searching for moving companies in their region.


Ranking in a natural way on Google when someone is searching for movers service is by far the most effective and cost saving way but SEO takes time so continuously work on your website’s SEO, Doing SEO is always worth it because if you appear on top of search results you get more traffic which leads to more customers. It is important to be visible when people search for the name of your business. 

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