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How to use AskNavigator App?

AskNavigator App is a simple and secure app where you can see leads’ details and call them from our app directly, This is a full video tutorial to show you how to use our App. 

How to use AskNavigator app?

1. How to Install AskNavigator App on mobile?

You can use the Asknavigator Application directly Through your phone and Laptop’s Chrome Browser using the link Also, you can download this application to your Android or IOS phone, as shown in the photos below.

Click on "add to home screen" to install or add our app to your home screen.
Now Click on "install" to install AskNavigator App.

2. How do I use or log In on AskNavigator App?

After the installation, You can log In to the Asknavigator application using your registered mobile number.

How to Log in on AskNavigator App:

  1. Open the Asknavigator application to your phone.
  2. Enter Your Registered Mobile Number. 
  3. You will get an OTP on your registered Mobile Number within 10 sec.
  4. Enter the OTP And Click on Check OTP.
  5. Hurray! You logged In.
Enter your Registered Phone Number.
Now enter OTP to login.

3. How do I see lead details?

On the main screen of the Asknavigator application, you can see your Leads details. This section shows how many leads you got today, yesterday, or last 30 days using Leads Filter.

Leads are listed according to your package with all the required details

You can check any leads quickly by applying filters like (today, yesterday, all-time or according to your package like Delhi line, local e.t.c,)

4. How can I contact to my customers?

You can connect to your customer through the Asknavigator application. You can spot a list of leads and some icons on the main screen, like WhatsApp, or Call. Tap on Call Button, and you will connect to your customer through a voice call, and if you tap on WhatsApp, you can send messages to your customer for quotations.

Click on the call icon to call them for Quotation.

Send quotations on WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp icon.

5. What if I miss any lead?

Asknavigator is the only company that gives the feature of Reminder. Using this feature, you won’t miss any leads and follow up with the customer. You can also set reminders for Follow up to your customer.

How to set reminders in-app:

  1. Open AskNavigator App on your phone.
  2. Now you can see a list of leads; click on the reminder.
  3. Now you can set reminders according to you and our chandni Ji will remind you through call.

Click on Reminder to set reminder for lead

Now set reminders according to your time.

6. What if I Get an irrelevant or Invalid lead?/How to claim?

The AskNavigator company provides the best Features to its vendors, and one of them is a claim feature. By the way, we do not send leads to any vendor without verifying. You can use this feature even if you get an irrelevant lead from the Asknavigator Company which is not mentioned in your Account Profile. First, open the Asknavigator application and click on the icon near the reminders icon showing in the picture, then select a reason from the List why you claim this lead and write some of your issues and in the last click on the Submit The Issue. So you can claim this Irelvent Lead with the help of the Asknavigator Application, as shown in some photos below.

Click on the icon with the reminder tab to claim that lead, as shown in the picture below.

Select your reason or also write in detail about your issue.

Select any issue you have with the lead

Submit your issue or follow given instructions.

7. How can I check my package and other details?

Now you have logged In, you can see your profile in the Asknavigator application. First, Tap on the Profile icon and in my profile, you can see what cities you choose for line or local, also what types of leads you want like Part load, 1BHK, 2BHK, Car Transport etc. You can change these settings in Future.

  1. Open AskNavigator App on your phone.

  2. Click on your avatar on left -top area.

  3. Now you can check your city, lead types on “my profile”.

  4. Click on “My finance” to check your balance and transactions.

Click on your avatar on left -top area as shown in image below.

You can check your city, lead types on "my profile".

Click on "My finance" to check your balance and transactions.


Everything Need to know about AskNavigator.
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AskNavigator is an INDIAN packers movers aggregator.

AskNavigator provides information of trusted and verified packers and movers as well as Shifting tips from partner packers and movers all over the india.

AskNavigator is Subsidiary of DigiHeadway India.

We Drive traffic to our website via Branding, SEO, Ads, and Help the Brands to Generate More Sales by Providing Leads.

Step 1: By giving shifting information on the website, users can explore various packers and movers.

Step 2: Our verification department verifies every lead and distributes it to selected vendors.


Step 3: Particular packers movers receive shifting info and call customers for their service.


Step 4: Once the customer selects any vendor then our vendor shift their luggage to the customer’s preferred location.


Step 5: Customers share reviews based on their experience. This simplicity encourages people to trust packers and movers online.


AskNavigator is an INDIAN packers movers aggregator.

We are team of Highly Experienced Digital Marketer and tech enthusiast with 5+ years of experience.

We always verify every lead by call before distributing it to you so, you'll never get any fake lead.

A lead is counted as Invalid Lead in Following Conditions.

  • Customer is not interested in Moving/Shifting.
  • Customer is already converted before you get the Lead.
  • Customer is Not Responding to Your Calls up to Next 48 Hours

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